Wikipedia Gets Germany’s National Archive

Well, not all of it, but about 11 million pictures. In a story posted by The Local (Germany) today, the archive’s deputy director, B. Kuhl said that this is an attempt to broaden the archive’s reach. (To see original story go here)

This could certainly have big implications as to the reputation of Wikipedia. Many professors dislike or even loathe wikipedia, even as it continues to get stricter about peer revision. With Germany’s national archives adding from their collection, can Wikipedia still be seen as an unreliable source?

I think this is a great idea. Germany’s national archive is on to something. Wikipedia is used by nearly everyone on the Internet now and the German national archive is trying to tap into the vast sea of users.

ReadWriteWeb has already picked up on the shift away from traditional learning styles to a learning style that is heavily dependent on the web. Check out their article Education 2.0: Never Memorize Again?.


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