Newsweek Trashes Bible, Part 2

Earlier I wrote about the Newsweek article written from the perspective of a biblical support of gay marriage. Today, David Henson over at unorthodoxology has posted this about where the article goes wrong.

The essence of his argument is summed up in the following quote (though I strongly encourage you to read the entire post, it’s not that long):

So, again, I’ll argue the simple point. If this debate has boiled down to the absurdity of a definition, why not just change the word?

Get rid of state-sponsored marriage. Let the state grant only civil unions or domestic partnerships. And let churches, synagogues, temples and mosques grant marriages. All it takes is a one-word change on a certificate, from marriage to union.

The terms of the debate, quite literally, will be changed. Then, the argument that marriage is between one man and one woman can be both true and false, depending on your house of worship.

Is he right that marriage is essentially a religious sacrament and that this actually violates the separation of church and state? Should we move to system of just granting everyone civil unions?

This is quite an interesting idea.



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