Bush’s Final News Conference, Israel, Hamas and Advice from Mom

This morning during President Bush’s last scheduled news conference he said

“Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel if it wants a cease-fire.” (BreakingNewsOn)

My question is, does Israel not have to stop attacking Gaza?

I am not a Hamas supporter, but I do have to question my country’s unquestioning support of Israel. Can Israel do no wrong? I am all about strong, faithful relationships with friends and allies, but part of those relationships should include being able to stand up against them when necessary.

It is not that I think Israel should not be responding to the attacks coming from Gaza and Lebanon, but we should be telling both sides to stop firing if they want a cease-fire, not just Hamas.

My mother’s advice still proves to be true, and it is especially appropriate in this situation, sometimes we have to be the bigger person. At some point, America and Israel need to be the bigger persons.


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