Saying What is Heard

That was the title of the final sermon by Dr. Fred Craddock at this past weekend’s CBFNC General Assembly. As I have reflected on all that I took in this past weekend I have come back to that message and a few quotes that I jotted down during it.

“Don’t let our culture dictate to you that words don’t matter.”

“The most difficult thing in the world to do, if it’s important, is to say something.”

“Nervousness is the way the body honors the seriousness of the moment.”

“Preach sermons that are not preachy.”

The usual mantra that is espoused is that any one can “talk the talk” but we must “walk the walk.” Dr. Craddock turned that around and issued a call to “talk the talk.” I am a person who isn’t talkative because I believe that words do matter, but Dr. Craddock helped me to see even further than I did on my own.

What about you? Do you give proper weight to words and language?

How do you feel about preaching sermons that aren’t preachy? That is, is a narrative sermon acceptable to you, one that sounds much more like a conversation than a traditional sermon?


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