What Twitter "Needs"

I received a new follower over on Twitter (follow me here) just now and went to the person’s profile to glean from the general information on his twitter page. While I was there I had two thoughts; one I’ve had before, one I haven’t. There are two things that I “need” to make Twitter more useful for me.

Thought 1: I need some way to tell how that person found me. Was it a direct link (maybe found on my website or Facebook profile, for example)? Was it through a follower or followee of mine’s Followers/Following list? Was it through a search term? There are many ways to gain new followers and it occurs to me that I don’t know what attracts most of my followers. Now for those of you who are trying to build your following, I see that this could be especially helpful. Brands/people (which are almost the same thing these days, especially in social media) could know which keywords are most successful for them. Regular Twitter users like me (I say I’m pretty regular because I only have 125 followers and follow just a few more than that) could also (potentially) have some idea why certain people began following them and thus could begin or jump in to the conversation much more easily. I know that SocialToo attempts to help in this department, but my experience has been that it is not very helpful and it certainly does not have the capabilities that this post is asking for.

Thought 2: I need a way to who followers of mine are also following that I am following or who they are being followed by that I am also following or am being followed by. It seems to me that a feature of this nature would help to build communities all around Twitter and would only strengthen conversations and connections. I realize that this isn’t as easy as Facebook’s “Mutual Friends,” but seriously how hard can it be, especially with Twitter’s (relatively) open API.

These are very initial thoughts, obviously. Is there a tool out there that accomplishes what I am looking for that I have missed? If so, please direct me to it. If not, is this doable? Is anyone already working on this?

Would this be a helpful “tool” for anyone else?


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