Nuke the Nukes

Last week the Associated Baptist Press published an article about a group of under-40 evangelicals that is working “to mobilize American Christians to eliminate nuclear weapons.”

Young Evangelicals Call for an End to Nuclear Weapons:

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, 31, an ordained Baptist minister and member of First Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn., is the founding director of the Two Futures Project, a movement of American Christians calling for the global abolition of nuclear weapons.

“The truth that has been recognized in foreign-policy circles over the past several years must now make its way into the public consciousness,” he said in a conference call with reporters to announce the initiative. “In a post 9/11 era the weapons that we relied upon as our ultimate ace in the hole have in fact become the greatest threat to us all.”

Wigg-Stevenson said the doctrine of mutually assured destruction that produced a stalemate between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War “is now obsolete.”

“A two-tiered world of nuclear haves and have-nots will eventually lead to uncontrollable proliferation and an un-deterrable terrorist bomb,” he said, “which would not only cause mass casualties, but catastrophic economic effects that would leave no corner of the planet untouched.”

Wigg-Stevenson said nuclear weapons touch on a number of Christian moral concerns, including protection of innocent life, care for creation and concern for the poor. He labeled reliance on weapons of mass destruction “enacted blasphemy.”

“Who do we think we are to claim authority over life itself and the welfare of future generations?” he asked. “That power belongs to God alone.”

What do you think. Are nuclear weapons “un-Christian” as it says later in the article? Is this something you’ve even considered? Share your thoughts and opinions on this. I have my own, but will save them for a follow up post.


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