Trudging Through GMail Labs

I use GMail as my main e-mail hub with 7 e-mail addresses going in and out of my main account. This has worked wonderfully for me and I have come to love the GMail experiences, even if it did take me a while to get used to using Labels and not folders (though GMail has just recently made a move that makes there labels behave much more like folders). One of the things I like so much about GMail are there labs. They make my e-mailing and overall cloud-computing experience much more enjoyable and much more effective. One of the problems I have always had is finding the Lab I am looking for, this is especially true when a new lab has been introduced and I want to try it out. One would think that Labs would be organized in some way, even if it is very simple, such as alphabetically or chronologically (in the order they came out), but this isn’t the case. The screenshot below is the very bottom of the Labs list, but astute Labs followers will notice that those Labs are not arranged in the order in which they came out.

GMail Labs Screenshot

Now there may be some organization that I just do not know about, but I have yet to find it. In the mean time I use the handy Ctrl + F shortcut to search what is one the page and find the lab I am looking for. So, today when I read about GMail’s new Authentication icon for verified senders, I went to the Labs tab under settings, hit Ctrl + F and began typing “authentication”:

GMail Labs Screenshot - search

Thus, I was able to quickly and easily find the Lab I was looking for and enable it.

What are some GMail hacks that you use to speed up your e-mailing and cloud-computing experience?


One thought on “Trudging Through GMail Labs

  1. GMail is my OS these days… I write blog posts there (Posterous), read Twitter (TwitterGadget) and FriendFeed (through FF’s IM integration), read important feeds and alerts, make lists with RememberTheMilk’s gadget, write Docs that get automagically turned into GDocs… it’s all really amazing.

    Plus, where ever I go, my GMail is all there and the same across platforms, OS’s and browsers.

    The one thing I would add (that I know you don’t like) is that Multiple Inboxes is a must for me. Give it another shot if you are using something like CoTweet to send you email updates from Twitter, etc.

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