Where I’ve Been

This space has been pretty quiet over the past few weeks. I’m not offering an apology, but I will offer a few glimpses into what I’ve been up to.

  • I took and PASSED my MA comprehensive exams. This meant that I wrote essays and did translations on two different days for 4 hours each day. Now that I have completed those I can officially begin work on my thesis. I am very excited about this. Dr. Ron Williams has agreed to be my thesis supervisor. My proposed thesis topic is “Who was “Israel” in the late 2nd Temple Period/1st Century.”
  • I went to Philadelphia for a week as a part of M-FUGE. We took 17 youth and i think they all had a good time. The trip was good, but the 14-hour bus ride back was not.
  • Today marks the beginning of VBS at our church this year. My wife is our Minister with Children, so I will be helping her a lot as well as heading up the youth section.
  • This weekend my wife and I will be heading to the Biltmore Estate with some friends. We’re planning on taking our dogs, Bella and Theodore, on a few of the many beautiful trails that cover the estate.
  • Classes start back in 2 weeks. Seems like I just got done with classes. Oh, right, I did just get done with classes. Oh well, it should be a good semester as I will be able to devote a lot of time to thesis research.

That’s where I’ve been (and where I will be). What have you been up to this summer?


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