Theology 2.0

So, I think I’ll go with “Theology 2.0” as the title of my upcoming theology series (See here for an explanation of the series). Let me know what you think about the series title (I really just came up with it this second when I realized I need a name for this series).

The purpose of this post is to get you excited, as I am, about the upcoming information and dialogue that will be shared here over the following weeks regarding Christian theology. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be posting in this series in conjunction with the Theology 1 class that I am taking this semester. The syllabus is out for this class and I thought you might be interested to know the broad topics that we will be covering: Revelation, God, Creation, Humanity and Sin. None of these are “small” or easy topics by any means, but I am excited about exploring various understandings of each of these broad topics.

So, you may be asking, “What is my part in all of this”? I’m glad you asked. Your part is to begin thinking about these broad topics n0w. Then, when posting begins, read the post and offer your thoughts, responses, agreements, disagreements, etc. in the comments so that dialogue can be had not just between you and myself, but also between you and the other readers of my blog.

Because I feel I should say it, I do not have a comment policy on my blog and I do not have comment moderation on (which means comments show up automatically without having to be approved by me). However, I do expect that commenters will remain respectful of everyone involved and remember that I reserve the right to delete any comments at will, though I will not delete a comment just because I disagree with the commenter. It also may be helpful for you to have a look at my Disclaimer.

I am very excited about the first ever series on I hope you are too.


3 thoughts on “Theology 2.0

    1. Trevar, you can do whatever you would like. That was really directed at people like Sam who are so prone to fits of cussing and rage. Oh wait…I am now recalling a night we shared in Savannah…

  1. I like the title, Thomas. And I am looking forward to this series. Should make for some interesting dialogue!

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