Dear God

My mentor Dan Goodman and my dear friend Sam Harrelson introduced me to Conor Oberst (Wiki link) a while back. His most recent project is with Monsters of Folk. The first song is “Dear God” and contains this chorus:

Well I’ve been thinking about,
And I’ve been breaking down without an answer
I know I’m thinking aloud but if your love’s
Still around why do we suffer?
Why do we suffer?

This is a question that we will likely never answer, but one that will also likely never leave us. This question, though, as the song poses it is not spiteful, but deep and honest. I have asked this question countless times and offered numerous answers; some more satisfactory than others. I want to hear from you now, though. Is this a question that you have asked? How do you/have you answered this question?

Note: See Sam Harrelson’s reaction to another of Monster of Folk’s songs, “Say Please” here.

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