I Call Her Mom

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US. It is a day set aside on which mothers are to be celebrated and thanked for all they do for us. This is a good thing, but it seems that some women are often overlooked. This was prompted by a tweet that I read yesterday which said,

“Happy ‘I came through your birth canal’ Day.”

I appreciate the humor intended by this tweet, but it overlooks women who did not give birth to their children. Many women adopt and care for children in foster care without the recognition that is afforded to women who just happened to be able to give birth.

There was once a woman who wanted children very badly, but after much trying found out that she could not physically give birth. She prayed, but unlike some potentially misleading biblical stories, she was not automatically able to give birth. Instead, she chose to adopt and give two children a life that they never would have had otherwise. She gave of herself and was more a mother to those two kids than many women who actually can physically give birth. Who is this woman? I call her mom.

2 thoughts on “I Call Her Mom

  1. Thank you Thomas for posting this! Aren’t we blessed to be able to call her that?!! It isn’t blood that makes us a family – it is the fact the we encourage, nurture, listen and love each other unconditionally.
    ~ Your VERY proud and thankful Sister 🙂

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