2 Pairs of Shoes

13 dress shirts. 4 pairs of dress slacks. 10 ties. 8 sweaters. 15 t-shirts. 2 pairs of khaki shorts. 2 pairs of shoes.

I haven’t donned a single item from this selection in at least 2 years so I’m taking them to my local Goodwill. My wardrobe is barely dented by this most recent reduction. Yet, as I prepare to take these items away, I’ve taken a moment to reflect, not on the memories that these items have brought me, but on what these items may bring others. The above list could easily be the full wardrobes of 2 people in many parts of the world, but it’s barely a dent in my wardrobe.

Some people have no pairs of shoes … in case you missed it: some people have no pairs of shoes … and my remaining collection has 17 pairs of shoes in it. (This is actually an improvement. Before I got married I had well over 30 pairs of shoes) Next time you “need” a new piece in your wardrobe, just stop and think. How else could you spend that money in a way that may make someone else’s life easier rather than adding to a wardrobe that likely already contains clothes that will never see the light of day?

Let’s think less about ourselves and more about others.

Think about the difference you could make in someone’s life with just 2 pairs of shoes.

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