SBC Favors Discrimination

The Southern Baptist Convention has just stated rather clearly that they think it is acceptable to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation. From an Associated Baptist Press article:

Other resolutions approved on the closing day of the June 15-16 SBC annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., denounced a proposal to repeal the Pentagon’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy banning open service by gays and opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act pending in Congress. The law would expand federal employment discrimination law to prevent people from being fired because of their sexual orientation.

It is especially disheartening to see such a large group of Christians assert their acceptance of policies that not only allow, but even encourage discrimination. I prefer, instead, to fight on behalf of love and quality. Oddly enough it seems that the message that Jesus preached was one of love and equality too, not one of exclusivity, hatred, prejudice, and discrimination.


2 thoughts on “SBC Favors Discrimination

  1. That is disheartening. This kind of attitude is the very reason I am not a religious person. I am sorry that people feel this way, but we see inequality all too often here in the south.

  2. Yes Jesus preached love and treatment of equal respect and dignity of our fellow man. But He did NOT give any quarter to sin. He spoke out against sin many times. And make no mistake, to live a life of sexual depravity constitutes a grave sin. The lifestyle of sexual depravity lived by out-of-wedlock heterosexual couples is bad enough. The homosexual lifestyle, however, compounds this sin by actively and intentionally closing itslef to the gift of new human life, which is what that kind of love is, life-giving, that’s why that kind of love can only exist between a man and a woman, because the commitment between man and woman in marriage is a life-giving commitment. It is one of the greatest acts of charity we are capable of as human beings, to unite in committed love with the other half of humanity (a member of the opposite sex) and from that committed love give back to society in the best possible way, by creating the gift of new human life. Any other use of our sexual gifts constitutes a grave rejection of the natural law which is written upon every human heart. But while I do pray that one day they will see that truth that our sexual gifts are just that, gifts and not tools that can be used willy-nilly as we please, neither do I support treating those that live with this lifestyle with anything less than the dignity and respect due by the natural law to all human beings, regardless of their state of sin. IN other words, we as Christians live by the philosophy that Jesus also spoke about, the philosophy of hating the sin, but loving the sinner. I do though think that “don’t ask don’t tell” should stay, not because I hate them as people, but because of the nature of military service. Sexual tensions introduce complications that can affect the morale of all members of our fighting forces. This is why men and women live in separate barracks, because the natural sexual tension that can arise if men and women were allowed to co-habitate in co-ed barracks can create enough problems with morale and interfere with the ability of our soldiers to make hard choices. These problems would only be compounded by the un-natural sexual tensions that people who actively live the homosexual lifestyle can bring if they are allowed to serve in our armed forces openly. Unlike with men and women though…there is no easy way to put gays in separate barracks and somehow mitigate the sexual tensions that will arise. And before you accuse me of being in bed with the SBC, I am a conservative Catholic Christian. In a way we have a common enemy, as the SBC isn’t too terribly fond of Catholics.

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