What Makes Christianity Unique?

During the summer I am using Nooma videos with my youth. I am doing this for several reasons. First, the Nooma videos are thought-provoking and some serious reflection is good every now and then. Second, attendance is sporadic during the summer months, so not doing a series allows youth to not feel “behind” or left out if they don’t come every week.

Tonight we will be watching “You.” Rob Bell opens the video by giving numerous examples of other religious groups and leaders that made claims of death and resurrection that were strikingly similar to those made by Jesus of Nazareth. Rob Bell goes on to say this:

In the first century, to claim that your god had risen from the dead and ascended to heaven, well, it just wasn’t that unique. The claims of these first Christians weren’t really anything new. Everybody’s god had risen from the dead. What makes yours so special?

My question: What makes Christianity unique? If you’ve seen this video, then you know what Bell’s answer to this question would be, but I am asking for your opinion. For a lot of Christians, the supposed “uniqueness” of Christianity is of utmost importance.

So, you tell me, what makes Christianity unique?


5 thoughts on “What Makes Christianity Unique?

  1. Grace makes Christianity different. In Christianity, it is what is done for us, not what we do. Everyother religion deals in good works

    1. so its the only religion which condemns those who don’t believe to be tortured forever…yeah special indeed besides its maybe that everyother religon isnt totally filled with socialpaths that wants to see 90% of the world sufferforever

  2. I don’t know if Christianity is any more unique than any other religion or thing adhered to religiously. However, I think my flavor of Christianity is unique because it is mine.

    1. Not that it’s that big of a deal (I imagine), but I posted the comment as “ecostewardsprogram.” I apparently was logged in under that username and was unaware.

      The thoughts in that comment do not reflect the thoughts of the ecostewards program or any of their supporters. 🙂

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