Religious Adaptation

From The Evolution of God, by Robert Wright:

The notion has had to change, but that’s no indictment of religion. After all, science has changed relentlessly, revising if not discarding old theories, and none of us think of that as an indictment of science. On the contrary, we think this ongoing adaptation is carrying science closer to the truth. Maybe the same thing is happening to religion. Maybe, in the end, a mercilessly scientific account of our predicament . . . is actually compatible with a truly religious worldview, and is part of the process that refines a religious worldview, moving it closer to truth.

I’ve just begun reading The Evolution of God and am rather enjoying it, as it takes me back to my undergraduate days studying religion largely from an anthropological and sociological perspective through the works of such giants as Mircea Eliade and Emile Durkheim. My thesis got back to this endeavor, to a degree, and I hope that my doctoral work will continue in this vein.

My personal joys aside, I find Wright’s perspective on how religion may be adapting much in the same manner as science rather hopeful and somewhat compelling. What do you think


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