How to Lose the War on Christmas

Every year we get a renewed “war on Christmas” that involves many Christians complaining about all the “secularists” and “atheists” out there who want to destroy Christmas. I’m personally rather tired of this story. It’s the Brett Favre of holiday news coverage. But, as I think about it this year and read Pew surveys on the topic I was struck with a surefire way for Christians to lose the war on Christmas.

45% – Holiday Greeting: A Ho-Hum Choice:

Several other groups stand out for their strong preference for the Christmas greeting. Even when explicitly offered the opportunity to say this issue doesn’t matter, majorities of white evangelical Protestants (73%) and Catholics (53%) say they prefer “Merry Christmas.”

It would seem from this that evangelical Protestants and Catholics are standing strong in this battle. So, how can they lose for sure. Simply put, be hypocritical. Say that you staunchly oppose “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings.” Complain that the holiday has become too commercialized. Then go out and buy your Christmas tree. Get up at 4am on the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping. Go into debt buying presents. Argue that people need to celebrate the “reason for the season” and then do everything that the rest of society is doing. Simply put, be a hypocrite. Complain about how people have perverted the holiday and then be a part of that perversion.

It’s just hard for people to take you seriously when you’re a hypocrite. So, if you want to win the war on Christmas, then start practicing what you’re preaching. But, if you really want to lose the war on Christmas, don’t change a thing.


2 thoughts on “How to Lose the War on Christmas

  1. I am especially fond of this post, because earlier today I made a mental note to write a blog entitled, “Christmas is a Secular Holiday.” Now if I don’t get around to writing it, I will just post a link to yours. 🙂

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