Mobile Workspace: 1996 versus 2011

I flipped through the Chic Simple Packing book that I’ve had for some while now this evening. It is, obviously, a book about packing, including quotes, tips, and how-to’s. I was quite amused when I came across their example of a mobile workplace:


  • Modem connection kit
  • Newton PDA
  • Pocket Phone Organizer
  • Three-prong adapter
  • Apple Duo Laptop
  • Zelco Currency Converter
  • Zelco Light
  • Nikon Light Touch
  • Microrecorder
  • Organizer
  • Post-it Pouch
  • Phone Adapter Plug
  • Cellular Phone
  • Pens, pencils, and notepads
  • Extra tapes for microrecorder

That exemplifies the height of travelling with technology in 1996.

Today, I can accomplish every task represented with my iPhone, a Moleskine, and a pen.

I’m quite thankful for the work the tech industry has done to make such impressive advancements. Not taking it for granted.

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