God Will Destroy America Because of Gay Marriage

So says Pat Robertson, founder of the the Christian Broadcasting Network, on his show, The 700 Club.

To be fair, he doesn’t actually say, “God will destroy America,” though that is the headline that is being pushed and though he does very clearly allude to that being the fate of this country (“we’re heading that way as a nation”).

He says that no nation has survived that has “turned away from traditional fidelity, traditional marriage, and traditional child-rearing.” There are multiple problems with this statement.

First, he is spiritualizing the downfall of empires and nations. Second, since no nation has survived, does that mean that every nation has endorsed homosexuality? Is the downfall of every single nation/state in the history of the world a result of the judgment of God for their acceptance of homosexuality?

What I find more striking and disturbing is Robertson’s apparent lack of basic knowledge of the Bible. Robertson implies that “traditional fidelity” and “traditional marriage” is a marriage between one man and one woman. A view that is simply not supported by the Bible with its outright acceptance of polygamy and the use of concubines. While I disagree with Robertson’s views on homosexuality, I fully respect his right to his opinion, but what is not acceptable is his attempt to re-write the Bible’s definition of marriage.

Please, Pat Robertson and other Christians who are against same-sex marriage, just be honest. Tell us you disagree with it but don’t try to veil it in spiritual language that holds biblical support. That is misinformation at the best and flat out lying at its worst. The Bible does not support your view of marriage. Accept it. I have. I know the Bible does not support same-sex marriage in the way that I do, but my integrity and faith are such that I can confidently say the Bible, which gives insight into a few cultures and world-views from two millennia ago, does not determine my views on every single issue. For that I have my experience, my personal relationship with God, and my conscience.


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