On Tebowing

A few people have posted this article recently. It took reading more than once to put my finger on what exactly it was about the article that put me off. This is how I responded on a friend’s Facebook wall:

I have no doubt that this article accurately describes some people’s attitude toward Tebow, but is nonetheless full of generalizations and attempts to say that everyone who is not a fan of Tebow is such because of his religion. Sure, he’s public about his faith in a way that many aren’t, but a rejoinder to this article should surely include an examination of those who are blinded to his poor football skills simply because he’s an outspoken Christian.

Further, the “what if he was a muslim” line of argumentation is specious. If you want to make the case that people of one faith are expected to take more public denigration, then make the case with evidence, not straw men arguments.

Finally, it is statement’s like this that turned me off to what otherwise could have been a well-written piece: “He is a reminder that the blue-red, liberal-conservative fight over taking God out of everyday life is intellectually dishonest. He is too good.” Tebow does not make me uncomfortable in any way whatsoever and “taking God out of everyday life” is only “intellectually dishonest” for some, but it is certainly not such for the country as a whole. I recognize that the piece is an opinion piece (though it is noticeably lacking clear identification as such) and I respect Jen Engel’s right to have opinons on the topic and to get those ideas published, but to assert that every one who is not a fan of Tebow fits in the specific picture she is painting is “intellectually dishonest” and quite offensive to me, for one, who is a person of faith, a football fan, and not a Tim Tebow fan.

I then came across this article that offers a different perspective than most of the articles relating to this situation have been offering. It is not exactly PC and is sure to offend some Tebow fans and Christians, but the insights are quite good. Also, it says great things like:

Religion is not a cultural DMZ


or with its Christ-on-a-brontosaur biblical literalism

I’m interested in two things: 1) your take on the public nature of Tebow’s faith and 2) your take on the media response to “Tebowing.” Discuss.


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