Today I Remember

Me, Dr. Goodman, Sam Harrelson

It was three years ago today that I received the early morning phone call telling me Dr. Goodman had died suddenly. In man ways these past three years have allowed the pain and sense of loss to slide out of the foreground a bit. I have gone on with my life, finishing my masters degrees and even starting a PhD. But in many other ways, the loss is as real as it was that morning. There were so many more conversations I thought we’d have, so many more emails, so many more trips. Nevertheless, I am reminded of his legacy on just about a daily basis by those who are close to me and who were close to him as well. It is a legacy we all share.

More than anything, this post is for me (and maybe Trinity and Sam).

Today I remember Dr. Dan Goodman; professor, mentor, friend. He taught me how to walk away and how to be a passerby.


3 thoughts on “Today I Remember

  1. I am thinking of all of his family, and those of you who were close to him, today. From what I have heard from you and Trinity over the years, he was a special and influential man to so many.
    ~In remembrance.

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