Against Amendment One

North Carolinians will go to the polls tomorrow to vote on Amendment One, an amendment which I am against for a whole host of reasons. There are two videos that have stood out to me today, though, that highlight just some of the issues I have with the proposed amendment.

Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions about Amendment One:

Rev. Dr. William Barber, a pastor in Goldsboro, NC says, rightly, that the media has been asking the wrong question. We should not be asking “are you against same sex marriage,” but “do you believe that a majority by popular vote should get to decide the rights of a minority?”

Another quotable line: “However you feel about same sex marriage religiously or personally or morally, you can be for or against, you should always be against division and hatred and discrimination being written into the constitution.”

NC Family Law Professos Explain the Harms of Amendment One:

In this video by, family law professos from numerous NC colleges and universities speak out about the concerns they have with how the proposed amendment would affect children, families, and domestic violence legislation.

If you live in NC, make sure to vote against Amendment One tomorrow.

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