Two Wheels, Two Feet, and Baseball

That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Since breaking my ankle in April, wearing a boot for 3.5 weeks, and doing some physical therapy I’ve been able to spend more time on my bike, running, and of course going to FSU baseball games.

Trinity has been riding with me some and that has been delightful on two fronts: 1) we get to spend time together doing something “fun” (this definition of fun applies a bit more to me than it does her, I think), and 2) we’re exercising, which, by the way, can change your life . . . for the better.

One of the last hurdles for me to pass to get released from physical therapy was running (read: jogging) without pain. I’ve accomplished that and have continued to run, upping my distance while keeping my pace about the same (i.e. much higher than it was when I ran in high school).

Finally, Trinity and I have been taking in as much FSU baseball as we can lately, going to the Regional games last weekend and Super Regional games this weekend. You can’t beat great college baseball.


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