The Patriotism of Gun Control

Why Gun Control is Patriotic: A disgusting act that has shocked the nation, but who is to blame for what happened?

The liberals would say that it is the NRA and the gun industry, who make it absurdly easy to secure assault weapons in the United States, including over the Internet. The conservatives in turn would say that it is not guns but people who do the killing. Literally speaking they are correct, but if the essence of what the conservatives claim is true, then the reason we have crazy massacres in this country is because Americans are a bunch of homicidal maniacs with no impulse control; and if that part is true, then should we really allow this same crackpot citizenry to carry firearms? You see the problem?

It seems that we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a catch-22.

Read the rest of the piece, as I think he makes a good case. But my question to you is this: if it’s true that “people kill people” and guns don’t kill people, then why do we have so many more gun murders in this country than in  basically all other developed countries in the world combined – most of which have much tougher gun control laws?


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