The Connection Between K Street and Main Street

Cutting Washington could hit Main Street | CNNMoney: The push to slash federal spending in the name of curbing deficits and getting rid of “big government” could hit the private sector.

The reason: The federal government now spends more than $500 billion a year — or roughly 14% of the federal budget — on private-sector contractors.

That’s more than double what it spent in 2000, said Dan Gordon, a government contracts expert who oversaw federal procurement policy for the White House from 2009 to 2011.

1. Duh.

2. Why are we just now putting this together, that cuts in Washington affect more than just politicians?

3. Why do so many not seem to realize that cutting government spending and government jobs means cutting actual jobs that real people have. Cutting federal workforce numbers only means good civil servants get laid off and the job gets pushed to a private contractor, which in many cases, charges more. In other words, to use popular parlance, cutting government spending is often a policy that “kills jobs.”


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