Mitt Romney’s Europe Problem

Natasha Mozgovaya, who writes for Haaretz, an Israeli news site, is a bit skeptical of just how positive a Romney presidency would be for Europe and Israel:

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, didn’t have much “to sell” in Europe, except for hackneyed friendship pledges, awakening the spirit of the Cold War, praising capitalism and freedom, and the conservative message that one should not borrow more than one can pay back. Romney’s problem wasn’t gaffes or even partially adopting Sheldon Adelson’s position on the Palestinians. His problem on this trip was that he lacked a vision that the world might want to believe in, or at the very least a specific foreign policy program for discussion.

It seems that Romney has the same problem overseas as he does stateside: his main (apparent) qualification for being President is that he isn’t Barack Obama.

P.S. Even foreign observers are able to recognize that Romney is running as the “generic Republican candidate,” which, by the way, “has better chances of defeating Obama than the real candidate.”


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