What Romney’s VP Choice Means for Women

According to NARAL:

Statement on Mitt Romney’s Selection of Rep. Paul Ryan for His Vice-Presidential Running Mate | NARAL Pro-Choice America: Rep. Ryan’s anti-choice record includes:

  • Repeatedly voting to deny women in the military – who defend our freedom overseas – the right to use their own, private funds for abortion care at military hospitals.
  • Repeatedly voting to defund Planned Parenthood, which would deny millions of women access to comprehensive reproductive-health care and preventive services.
  • Cosponsoring and repeatedly voting for the Federal Abortion Ban, a law that criminalizes some abortion services, endangers women’s health, and carries a two-year prison sentence for doctors.
  • Voting for an appropriations bill that defunded Planned Parenthood, eliminated the Title X family-planning program, and reinstated the D.C. abortion ban.

I know many of my readers are not pro-choice. What is most troubling to me, though, and I think should be for women everywhere, regardless of your views on abortion, is his continuous effort to defund Planned Parenthood – which does much more than provide abortions such as providing general women’s health care, dealing with relationship issues, body image issues, and STD’s – and to eliminate Title X family-planning programs, which provides numerous preventative health care services: “patient education and counseling; breast and pelvic examinations; breast and cervical cancer screening according to nationally recognized standards of care; sexually transmitted disease (STD) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prevention education, counseling, testing and referral; and pregnancy diagnosis and counseling”

Oh yeah, and just so we’re clear, Title X funds, by law, cannot be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning, i.e. no Title X funds even go to organizations that provide abortions.

I want to hear from everyone on this, but especially women. What are your thoughts on Romney’s choice of Ryan, especially related to women’s issues.


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