“Remember,” US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Today marks 4 years since we lost Dan Goodman. I took the above picture on a trip we took together for a class, “Jewish-Christian Relations in America.” I learned a lot from Dr. Goodman both in and out of the classroom, but one lesson rings truer with each passing day: memory is sacred. To remember is a sacred and holy act.

We will never forget.

We will always remember.


One thought on “Remember

  1. Talk about remembering reminded me:
    These are the most profound words of prayer I have ever read.
    The author is unknown. The prayer scratched on an inner wall of a World War II Nazi concentration camp.

    O Lord, when I shall come with glory into your kingdom, do not remember only the men of good will; remember also the men of evil. May they be remembered not only for their acts of cruelty in this camp, the evil they have done to us prisoners, but balance against their cruelty the fruits we have reaped under the stress and in the pain; the comradeship, the courage, the greatness of heart, the humility and patience which have been born in us and become part of our lives, because we have suffered at their hands.
    May the memory of us not be a nightmare to them when they stand in judgment. May all that we have suffered be acceptable to you as a ransom for them. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and die . . .”

    Talk about remembering . . .

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